You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. This may or may not be the greatest paradox of being alive, but it certainly leads the intrepid explorer on a delightful quest. Meno’s Paradox (how can you inquire into a thing when you are totally ignorant of what it is?) invites us toContinue reading “EMBRACING PARADOX – The New Normal”


The End of Days

My dream for the end of days?  To savor every hallowed hall-framed whisper, every sacred snip of silence, bolstered strong by self-reliance. Tested every grand adventure, pacified my sour temper, respected well those zigs and zags, those margin calls that tagged…me in… my exit card a wide and wicked grin. I pledge to kiss myContinue reading “The End of Days”


WOW, say I, on bended knee . . To softly say such lovely things, those unaffected whispers of wonder that lead the way to fortune’s end through thoughtful wells of worship entered in with portal’s key by way of words of wisdom. Yes, we may only wade on water but, truly, what overwhelming ways weContinue reading “WOW”