The End of Days

What is your point? At one point in my life, I had one overriding goal. To gain the approval of others. Try as I might, it seemed like that approval never happened. It was interesting and discouraging, to realize that try as I might, I never seemed to get it right. Can you relate? WhoContinue reading “The End of Days”


Evidence of a Lie

​ On the first page of my journal, I wrote these words… How often do you say, “I used to feel that way?” This can be evidence of your personal growth, and your connection to this truth as evidenced in your life.  You may resonate with it and have integrated it into your life toContinue reading “Evidence of a Lie”

My Furry Guru Series : The Gentle Leader

The more days that I enjoy waking up on this side of the grass, the more I appreciate the wonderful teachers in my life. In My Furry Guru posts, I will share some thoughts on how the non-human teachers in my life have taught me to recognize, and appreciate, the value of their teachings. Appreciation,Continue reading “My Furry Guru Series : The Gentle Leader”

Other People’s Quotes

Hard work is the way to success. Do you agree or disagree? Why do we think we have to work hard to get what we want? Why do we find it funny when someone asks us, “Working hard? Or hardly working? The world rewards hard work and effort. We measure our value by the effortContinue reading “Other People’s Quotes”

Cain’s Regret…

Take issue once again with the blood so oily-fresh upon my hands. Cause still with soft regret I sometimes pine to kiss your face and tell you I was wrong. But then again, my love I’ve known it all along… Consider with me how human beings interpret the cosmos.  From our point of view weContinue reading “Cain’s Regret…”


Like Neo in The Matrix…are you The ONE? I think you are. Are you The ONE who feels blessed? Who feels grateful for the gifts of life? Who shares their effervescent joy? Are you The ONE who says nobody supports you? That nobody cares? That people don’t listen to you? Are you The ONE whoContinue reading “ARE YOU The ONE?”


You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it. This may or may not be the greatest paradox of being alive, but it certainly leads the intrepid explorer on a delightful quest. Meno’s Paradox (how can you inquire into a thing when you are totally ignorant of what it is?) invites us toContinue reading “EMBRACING PARADOX – The New Normal”

Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion

As a peaceful spirit warrior, I feel it is empowering to embrace my feelings of vulnerability and resistance – to ask the hard questions – and work through them – to find the gem of truth in the lump of coal. Why?  Because there isn’t a moment to waste!  I wish to learn from everyContinue reading “Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion”

Living In The Gap: Embracing Emotional Maturity

How does a person go from confusion to clarity? From restlessness and distraction to serenity? From conflict to peace? From noise to silence? From angst to joy? From entitlement to gratitude? From selfishness to service? This transformation is the result of embracing learning and change. I think that explaining the changes that happen when aContinue reading “Living In The Gap: Embracing Emotional Maturity”

Question Everything

I am an artist. I believe in Inspiration. If Inspiration is all there is, then we are Inspiration. If Inspiration knows all, we have access to it all. If Inspiration is everywhere, it is always here now. When I create art…when I meditate (or pray) I am either checking in or checking out. Am IContinue reading “Question Everything”