Enchanting Treve is a novel about connections – family, intimate, friendships, as well as our deep and profound relationship with our canine companions.  Enchanting Treve explores the connections we have with others in a profound manner. It invites you to consider how family connections impact our lives and addresses the societal norms that we haveContinue reading “Connections”



Give yourself some credit! You are standing up for your dreams You are putting in the effort You are investing valuable time in learning and growing You are applying what you’ve learned with as much excellence as you possibly can You are satisfied with being awesome when most folks are satisfied with much less Perhaps…justContinue reading “STARGAZER”

The Riches of Words

If each day you set out to enrich the lives of others, are you not rich as well? Riches aren’t about what you wouldn’t have if you give it away, it’s about what is yours to give because you have it in abundance. Words can be tarnished and jagged, or they can be sparkling, soft…andContinue reading “The Riches of Words”

The True Meaning of Blossoms

May I make a simple request? Please sweep me off my feet with the beauty of your elegant mind. Bring me to my knees with your gentle attention. Melt my heart with your free-flowing compassion. When you are swept up and away by a beautiful thought, my friend, you are beautiful… Elegance is as eleganceContinue reading “The True Meaning of Blossoms”

My Friend…

Isn’t it time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace diversity? Age diversity, that is! If the oldest person in your circle of friends is under 35, you need to get out more. If the youngest person in your circle of friends is 40+, you need to get out more. Out of yourContinue reading “My Friend…”

How to Stop Traveling in Deadland

Are you experiencing an energetic bleed? Do you need something from someone that they seem unwilling to give, or can no longer give, but you need it so much that you keep pursuing it?  Banging your head on that brick wall? Your attention to this aspect of the relationship, specifically, your attachment to it, isContinue reading “How to Stop Traveling in Deadland”

The Color of Love

The very first time I saw Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, my heart knew him. I mean that I responded to his energy. The peacefulness and kindness he exuded made me want to rush to him, fold myself into his arms, and stay there for a very, very long time. Perhaps forever. But, becauseContinue reading “The Color of Love”

Check Your Speed

Today, while driving on a stretch of highway not far from my home, I noticed that I had coasted a few kph over the speed limit.  Automatically, I touched my brakes to comply with the posted limit in that area. The regular speed limit in that area is 90 kph, but a few years agoContinue reading “Check Your Speed”

Black Masks and Wildflowers

There’s nothing you can do, that will diminish my love for you. In the secret garden of your heart the good you feel is real. It’s as valid as the bad you feel. Flowers grow among weeds in the real world. It’s only the artificial world of perfection that makes us want to rip outContinue reading “Black Masks and Wildflowers”