The De-Energizer Mummy: Chasing My Own Shadow

Photo credit: The year was 1932 and the world was scared out of its wits by Boris Karloff’s horror flick, The Mummy.  According to the official trailer, it is Stranger than Dracula; More fantastic than Frankenstein; More mysterious than ‘The Invisible Man!” The dramatic announcer states in an ominous voice that it, ‘stands yourContinue reading “The De-Energizer Mummy: Chasing My Own Shadow”



It’s a silvery wintery morning here on the Ridge. The trees are cloaked in icy lace and snowflakes, and a soft frost hovers gently over the St. John river. Flocks of sparrows, chickadees and doves have just begun to enjoy a break of dawn Christmas feast at our feeders. Dogs are contentedly snoring beside meContinue reading “GREETINGS FROM KESWICK RIDGE”

Richard, Rehteah, and my uncle Eddy

It is curious to me how some of the most profoundly painful events in my life have allowed me to learn the most about love. Maybe . . . it is because tragedy hits us between the eyes with the force of a sledgehammer, and we are stopped dead in our tracks.  Or maybe . .Continue reading “Richard, Rehteah, and my uncle Eddy”