Modern Ho’oponopono

A few years ago, I read a wonderful book about the ancient Hawaiian teaching called Ho’oponopono, co-written by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len, called Zero Limits. It described the work of Dr. Hew Len and his application of this ancient teaching of reconciliation and forgiveness in his work as a psychologist. It involvesContinue reading “Modern Ho’oponopono”

Walk This Way?

Practice gratitude to feel gratitude. There is no other way. You cannot give it service with your lips and expect to feel it in your heart. Let’s ask a few interesting What if questions: What if what you are talking about is what the Universe is giving you in return? Empty words devoid of feeling? It is easy to readContinue reading “Walk This Way?”

The Gifts of A Writer

We read to confirm.  We read to learn.  We read to gain entry into sacred space. Sometimes we are truly blessed by the writer who blends these into a breathtaking kaleidoscope of support, discovery, and inspiration. When we find ourselves searching for confirmation of something we believe in our hearts is true, we find ourContinue reading “The Gifts of A Writer”

Write On!

Thank you. You are the reason that I am writing this post.  If you read on, Thank you twice. I was watching a superb interview with a man that I have only come to know in the past month, Seth Godin.  Where have I been, right?  🙂  In this interview, he said to ask yourselfContinue reading “Write On!”


It’s a silvery wintery morning here on the Ridge. The trees are cloaked in icy lace and snowflakes, and a soft frost hovers gently over the St. John river. Flocks of sparrows, chickadees and doves have just begun to enjoy a break of dawn Christmas feast at our feeders. Dogs are contentedly snoring beside meContinue reading “GREETINGS FROM KESWICK RIDGE”