It’s A Beautiful Day

You are here now.

Enjoy what you have. Prepare for the future.  How often have we heard someone say that? Sometimes this seems like it can’t be done, right?

Or we worry that it can’t be done right. It’s all so damn confusing.

The interesting thing about the future is that it is formed from today. I have found that playing with this idea has given me insight.

When this picture was taken I was sitting on a rock looking out at this magnificent view. I had just hiked for 1.5 hrs to get here.

At this point, my destination wasn’t even in view. Baxter Peak was somewhere up there to the right. For the moment it was blocked by a stand of trees.

The trek had just begun. I still had hours of climbing ahead of me.

I had done my homework. My hiking boots sat on the ground beside me as I cooled my feet. I could feel the sweat on my back…I was warmed up and ready for the next leg of the hike. This path was almost straight up, climbing over the huge boulders that comprise the Cathedral trail on Mt. Katahdin, the northernmost mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Maine, USA.

I knew the path – I had climbed the Cathedral before. I had trained for this.

I had a map. My way was clear. The mountain beckoned!

I found myself feeling very grateful for the man sitting beside me. My husband, Mark. Without him, I would not be here. He is my rock on this climb.

Mark is my adventure buddy, my hiking, cycling, kayaking, and resistance training partner, and my 2nd husband.

Before we met in 2005, I did most of my adventuring alone. On that particular today, I once again choose him and he chooses me.

I am pleased because it is always today. It is my choice to have Mark in my life for every today.

I remember this moment this picture captures very well – the way the wind whispered through the trees…the fresh evergreen air…the exceptional brilliant blue-green of Chimney Pond…the small chipmunk that sat on a rock behind me begging for peanuts…and the camaraderie of the other hikers who were about to take this epic journey along with Mark and I.

These people would be in my life for a short time, not a long time. I may not remember each of their faces and I did not catch many of their names, but I value every step with every one of them.

People come into your life for a season and a reason. The season may be long or it may be short. Some seasons must end sooner than later and you must move on.

The reason may be clear or it may be obscure. Either way, you must search your heart and decide what reason you give it.

Whether it is a reason to travel with the one who chooses to be with you today for as long as feels natural to you both or to use your discomfort as an excuse to prolong or pre-empt the experience…this is your choice, as well.

You are wise to be considering your choices before acting.

If someone is truly holding you back…if they are discouraging you from living your best life…it may be time to move on.  I never would have found Mark, my adventure buddy on the road of life if I had chosen to remain stuck in my discomfort, resigned to adventuring alone.

However, keep in mind that the present is where you get to enjoy today. Consider the gift these people may be giving you by inviting you to enjoy not just the destination, but the journey as well.

Your mountain awaits…and today is a beautiful day.

The Simplest of Things

  1. Use “Thank you” gratuitously. It is the only prayer you will ever need.
  2. Be mindful of your breath.  Without it, you wouldn’t be able to be mindful of your breath, or anything else.
  3. Eat your roughage.
  4. Stop becoming wound up on words – religious, agnostic, atheist, man, woman, straight, gay, good, bad, ugly, beautiful – these are just a few letters strung together – an inadequate representation of the human being they attempt to label.
  5. Stop talking. Look at the person with whom you are conversing. Listen to understand.
  6. Use your voice only to express the words of your heart.
  7. Kind is happy. Remember that kind action is always right, and always happy.
  8. Help old folks. Act as if they have a precious gem to offer you because they do.
  9. Do everything gently.
  10. Live with fearless faith, focus, and fortitude.
  11. Be an ambassador for peace.
  12. For everyone you meet today, be their inspiration.
  13. Follow your stressors. The people and circumstances that “push your buttons” hold the key to your freedom.
  14. Accept that everyone has an ego. Those who say they don’t have one or that they have it in check are selling you a line.  Those who understand the role of the ego do not have to broadcast their mastery – they embody it.
  15. Reframe your fear. Profess to love it.  Shift your perception – envision yourself loving it and then act as if you do.  Your body won’t know the difference.
  16. Make friends with your Constant Traveler. Practice loving self-talk.
  17. Embrace your 1st Nature, the innocent humanity into which you were born.
  18. Explore what it means to “know better.” You express what you know for sure because you live it.  Appreciate that what you know for sure today may change.  When you know better, you live better.
  19. Remember the nature of nature. Good things happen to the good and the not so good.  Bad things happen to the good and the not so good.  The why is speculation.
  20. Crap happens. When it does, use your time wisely.  We all need time to recover from heartache and trauma.
  21. Survival is a transition period. Set an intention to become powerful despite hardship.
  22. Learn to thrive. There are many examples of how to do it out there.  It may not be easy, but it is always worth the effort.
  23. You are not alone. Ask for help.  We are all in this together.

Alone Together


Lo, I was lost but now I see
That what’s for others, not for me
This bloodless land not meant to be
my home or yours…so why don’t we
continue on this path unknown
for surely this
is not our home.

So on and on and on we roam,
on further down this lonely road
our blistr’d feet, this heavy load
We whisper,
“Leave this truth untold…”

‘Cause don’t look up, there is on sun
Just follow me, as I’ve begun to
realize this barren path on which
all others, too, must pass,
is desperate long,
our journey fast.

This final thrust, their truth undone
for all their speak of light and sun that heals…
Indeed, they are the foolish ones.
Who’ll nurse their wounds when evil’s won?
So, steady on,
my chosen one.

Yes, they cry love but cannot see
these darkest dreams of you and me.
You are like me and not like she.
On this sharp point
we well agree.

And oh, the silly games they play,
content to pay another day!
They say there is another way but
they don’t know what we’ve been through,
what we’ve endured,
just me and you.

Our wretched task it tracks us still
and we alone must gather will.
Our fingers ache, to let it go.
Plead as we will,
it lingers so…

We know and know and know the cause!
Those babes, they just can’t see its claws.
So love them well until they die,
and shield them well as past goes by,
but batten’d down for stormy weather
We soldier on,
alone together.

Our dark-cast sisters know the mire,
who taste its blood, charred in its fire,
and breathe its ash ’til we expire.
We broken ones, we claim our right
to cling to it with all our might.
This heaving cloak well soaked with sweat,
relentlessly, with baited breath,
it hounds our heels,
lest we forget.