In Defence of Comfort…

How far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to know? This is the question that nobody knows, Just how deep that rabbit hole goes… Last year, while vacationing in the Dominican Republic, I was faced with a dilemma.  We were at a small, out of the way park in which thereContinue reading “In Defence of Comfort…”


Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!

Want to change the way you feel?  Want to feel better fast and make it last? Begin the day with gratitude. You woke on this side of the grass! Begin the day with creativity. Consider the possibilities for today! Begin the day with redirecting and reframing your negative thoughts. Go on a complaining fast! BeginContinue reading “Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!”

Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…

A terrestrial mollusk that secretes a film of mucus for protection that is as big as a human…what a revolting idea! Nobody wants to be that… But…how often do we feel sluggish?  The dictionary states that another term for a slow, lazy person is a sluggard. A little over 4 years ago I decided IContinue reading “Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…”

Warrior, Your Time Has Come

Warrior A Warrior, she’s often been, Obsessed with other lands. Intending to her freedom, so Content to raise her hand. Yet, even in the midst of war, Surrounded by alone She knew t’was might that brought her here, And sliced her to the bone. This Warrior has sheathed her sword. Its glint may dull, atContinue reading “Warrior, Your Time Has Come”

A Sure-Fire Recipe for Disaster

Have a hearty bedtime snack. Watch the news and violent TV shows right before bedtime. Don’t floss. Check yourself for new wrinkles and cellulite. Bring your worries to bed. Fall asleep watching your bedroom TV. When the alarm sounds, hit Snooze. When you get up, immediately check your phone for messages. Prep your coffee withContinue reading “A Sure-Fire Recipe for Disaster”