My Furry Guru series: My Doggo, MySelf

Our animals are a reflection of who we are – our character, our capacity to love, our awareness of what they truly need…to be what a dog was designed to be – a human’s companion on life’s trail.  Our compliment. Sometimes they may even save us. It is a reflection of our ability to reachContinue reading “My Furry Guru series: My Doggo, MySelf”


My Furry Guru series: How to Train Your Doggo

‚Äč‚ÄčEvery time the doorbell rang, every time someone knocked on our door…every time someone visited…our young dogs went ballistic. They would erupt in loud barking, joyous jumping and licking our guests, and all-round jubilant behavior that did NOT endear them to most of our visitors.  When our guests were seated, the dogs would continue withContinue reading “My Furry Guru series: How to Train Your Doggo”

My Furry Guru Series : The Gentle Leader

The more days that I enjoy waking up on this side of the grass, the more I appreciate the wonderful teachers in my life. In My Furry Guru posts, I will share some thoughts on how the non-human teachers in my life have taught me to recognize, and appreciate, the value of their teachings. Appreciation,Continue reading “My Furry Guru Series : The Gentle Leader”

It’s Not The Dog…

I’m a dog lover! Actually, I’m a critter lover, but I think dogs are my all-time favorite. Dogs are my furry gurus. The dogs in my life have taught me so much about life and love and kindness and loyalty and integrity and strength…the list goes on and on. The elderly dogs in my lifeContinue reading “It’s Not The Dog…”