Enchanting Treve – A Novel

What would you do if you discovered a secret…a secret delivered to you from beyond the grave? A secret cast upon the veil that connects you to your beloved (and long-dead) grandmother…through the presence of a shaggy yellow dog? What would you give to receive the skeleton key that unlocked a DNA deep connection to aContinue reading “Enchanting Treve – A Novel”


My Furry Guru series: How to Train Your Doggo

‚Äč‚ÄčEvery time the doorbell rang, every time someone knocked on our door…every time someone visited…our young dogs went ballistic. They would erupt in loud barking, joyous jumping and licking our guests, and all-round jubilant behavior that did NOT endear them to most of our visitors.  When our guests were seated, the dogs would continue withContinue reading “My Furry Guru series: How to Train Your Doggo”