Buy Your Own Darn Tiara!

You are a Child of the Universe; no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here…

Enchanting Treve – A Novel

What would you do if you discovered a secret…a secret delivered to you from beyond the grave? A secret cast upon the veil that connects you to your beloved (and long-dead) grandmother…through the presence of a shaggy yellow dog? What would you give to receive the skeleton key that unlocked a DNA deep connection to aContinue reading “Enchanting Treve – A Novel”


The Nature of Nature

Nobody, no matter how financially wealthy, intellectually gifted, or physically beautiful, wins every time. Even if you don’t win the game every time, if you can show yourself that you’ve made progress, that you are better for this investment of time and energy, that’s a WIN. You win some, you lose some. But if youContinue reading “The Nature of Nature”

Your Why Power

Your Whys are your most powerful motivators, however, if you don’t take an opportunity to explore your thoughts about why you do the things you do the way you do them, you won’t understand them very well. Essentially, you will be “in the dark” about what fuels your activities.  You won’t truly be clear andContinue reading “Your Why Power”

There’s More…

There is a vast world that is beyond the comprehension of humanity. The world is alive with the sounds of music we cannot hear. That doesn’t make our music any less beautiful. The world is vibrant with fantastic sights the human eye cannot see.  That does not make our sights any less spectacular. Just asContinue reading “There’s More…”

The True Meaning of Blossoms

May I make a simple request? Please sweep me off my feet with the beauty of your elegant mind. Bring me to my knees with your gentle attention. Melt my heart with your free-flowing compassion. When you are swept up and away by a beautiful thought, my friend, you are beautiful… Elegance is as eleganceContinue reading “The True Meaning of Blossoms”

A Grateful Heart

A grateful heart is like a seed. It needs good soil, water, and sunshine for it to bloom. I learned this lesson years ago from a stranger. Back in those days, I had a job as a receptionist in our local paper mill. One morning a young man came in for a meeting with oneContinue reading “A Grateful Heart”


A few years before her death, my mother-in-law made a declaration. While discussing her aches and pains, she said with a wry smile, Don’t ever get old. I assumed that she was using it as a complaint about old age as she wasn’t in the best of health. However, the statement puzzled me. I thought,Continue reading “DON’T EVER GET OLD!”

Can You See?

The child inside you, your eldest child, is your creative self.  It’s the part of you that knows the meaning of ROAD TRIP! …and understands the language of a babbling brook…and meaning of jelly beans…and the true power of singing in the shower!  It’s the part that feels the sadness embedded in artificial happiness and theContinue reading “Can You See?”