Four Angles: Ways to Transform A Problem into A Solution

Exercise: Pick a thought and expand upon it using Contemplative Writing. Contemplative Writing is a power move. If you like to write utilizing a pen and paper, Contemplative Writing is pen-point focus. If you use a keyboard, it can also be fingertip focus. Either way, the point of your pen moving on the paper orContinue reading “Four Angles: Ways to Transform A Problem into A Solution”


Previously Unbelieved

Unbelievable! Really? Have you ever looked at someone you believe to be extremly successful in life and feel discouraged because you cannot dream of how they did it? What if it is a matter of what you believe? If you are not a match to success on that level you won’t see it, or youContinue reading “Previously Unbelieved”


Like Neo in The Matrix…are you The ONE? I think you are. Are you The ONE who feels blessed? Who feels grateful for the gifts of life? Who shares their effervescent joy? Are you The ONE who says nobody supports you? That nobody cares? That people don’t listen to you? Are you The ONE whoContinue reading “ARE YOU The ONE?”


I like what Tibetan Buddhist author Pema Chodron has to say.    I have read her biography and I can relate to her life story.  She seems like one cool lady. In her book, Start Where You Are:  A Guide To Compassionate Living, she writes about how each and every circumstance of one’s life isContinue reading “Humour”