Give yourself some credit! You are standing up for your dreams You are putting in the effort You are investing valuable time in learning and growing You are applying what you’ve learned with as much excellence as you possibly can You are satisfied with being awesome when most folks are satisfied with much less Perhaps…justContinue reading “STARGAZER”


Your Why Power

Your Whys are your most powerful motivators, however, if you don’t take an opportunity to explore your thoughts about why you do the things you do the way you do them, you won’t understand them very well. Essentially, you will be “in the dark” about what fuels your activities.  You won’t truly be clear andContinue reading “Your Why Power”

It Takes One To Know One

As I was checking my grocery order the other day, I asked the young clerk how she was doing. Living the dream, she said, with a wry smile. Obviously, she was not. Obviously, she felt resigned to her fate – her life is the end of the line…where dreams come to die. Unrealized dreams, atContinue reading “It Takes One To Know One”


A few years before her death, my mother-in-law made a declaration. While discussing her aches and pains, she said with a wry smile, Don’t ever get old. I assumed that she was using it as a complaint about old age as she wasn’t in the best of health. However, the statement puzzled me. I thought,Continue reading “DON’T EVER GET OLD!”

Can You See?

The child inside you, your eldest child, is your creative self.  It’s the part of you that knows the meaning of ROAD TRIP! …and understands the language of a babbling brook…and meaning of jelly beans…and the true power of singing in the shower!  It’s the part that feels the sadness embedded in artificial happiness and theContinue reading “Can You See?”

Are You Life Resistant?

Want to discover where you are resisting life? Get a therapeutic massage. It’s not too much of a stretch to acknowledge that tension gets stored in the body. Uptight, inflexible thoughts, repetitive strain, poor ergonomics, poor posture, and/or traumatic experiences that make us cringe tend to show up as pockets of resistance in our bodies.Continue reading “Are You Life Resistant?”

Is That Right?

How important is it to be right? What exactly does “right” mean? For this purpose, let’s consider right as alignment with your most elegant self: Right being a well-considered, honorable, and compassionate plan. Right being an enthusiastic application of clear-eyed intention. Right being inspired, purposeful action. Right being honoring and exercising your right to reviseContinue reading “Is That Right?”

A Master Dreamcaster

The words you speak and share have the power to shape worlds. Only speak of those things that you wish to preserve, or that you wish to continue. The holiday season is enjoyable for some, but for others, it is a reminder of what they no longer enjoy. As I observed the posts that showContinue reading “A Master Dreamcaster”

How to Stop Traveling in Deadland

Are you experiencing an energetic bleed? Do you need something from someone that they seem unwilling to give, or can no longer give, but you need it so much that you keep pursuing it?  Banging your head on that brick wall? Your attention to this aspect of the relationship, specifically, your attachment to it, isContinue reading “How to Stop Traveling in Deadland”

Evidence of a Lie

​ On the first page of my journal, I wrote these words… How often do you say, “I used to feel that way?” This can be evidence of your personal growth, and your connection to this truth as evidenced in your life.  You may resonate with it and have integrated it into your life toContinue reading “Evidence of a Lie”