A Master Dreamcaster

The words you speak and share have the power to shape worlds. Only speak of those things that you wish to preserve, or that you wish to continue. The holiday season is enjoyable for some, but for others, it is a reminder of what they no longer enjoy. As I observed the posts that showContinue reading “A Master Dreamcaster”


Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion

As a peaceful spirit warrior, I feel it is empowering to embrace my feelings of vulnerability and resistance – to ask the hard questions – and work through them – to find the gem of truth in the lump of coal. Why?  Because there isn’t a moment to waste!  I wish to learn from everyContinue reading “Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion”

Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 2

When my kids were quite young (6 and 2) their father and I decided to take them for a short camping trip.  We choose a campground that was on the outskirts of Moncton, NB, involving only a couple of hours of traveling – not too far away for this first expedition.  We bought a tent,Continue reading “Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 2”

Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 1

A few years ago, I had a dream that I was standing in a hallway.  To the left and to the right there were a number of doors, and at the end of the hallway, one single door. As I began to walk down the hall, I tried each door.  Some seemed to be locked. Continue reading “Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 1”

Who’s Driving The Bus?

To be or not to be?   Why do we spend so much time searching for the reason for our existence? We ask and the ego answers. I consider the ego as psychologist Carl Jung described it – a mask, or persona, that we present to society. Things can get confusing when we take this personaContinue reading “Who’s Driving The Bus?”

Designed to THRIVE!

  What could be better than self-accomplishment? Accomplishment is a super energizing and confidence-building practice in an elegant life designed to thrive. However, when a person uses their personal accomplishments to demonstrate, encourage, and support others in creating their life design, it takes on a much deeper dimension.     Service to others is aContinue reading “Designed to THRIVE!”

Is Your Body A Dump Site?

What if I told you that you could achieve a BB in a martial art at 40; be slim and fit at 50; run races, hike mountains or take up road biking at 60 while significantly decreasing the chances of developing the diseases that plague your parents and caused misery for your grandparents?  Live aContinue reading “Is Your Body A Dump Site?”

Our Mind/Body/Spirit Story

What does it mean to Thrive? Learning to Thrive means understanding our Mind/Body/Spirit story. It means way more than physical pleasures. It means holding the Elegant Arts (appreciation, patience, forgiveness, acceptance, freedom, silence, and trust) in an enthusiastic, vibrant embrace. It means celebrating and sharing our connection to the wellspring of creativity, imagination, and inspirationContinue reading “Our Mind/Body/Spirit Story”

Every Beloved: Messages In the Stars

I love to rise before dawn.  It is a wonderful time of day – most of the world is still asleep.  I feel like I have it all to myself.  The mind-sparks flow most freely then… This morning I am contemplating What If? What if the discovery of our innards is like the search forContinue reading “Every Beloved: Messages In the Stars”