Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion

As a peaceful spirit warrior, I feel it is empowering to embrace my feelings of vulnerability and resistance – to ask the hard questions – and work through them – to find the gem of truth in the lump of coal. Why?  Because there isn’t a moment to waste!  I wish to learn from everyContinue reading “Applying The Work of Byron Katie to the COVID-19 Contagion”


Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 2

When my kids were quite young (6 and 2) their father and I decided to take them for a short camping trip.  We choose a campground that was on the outskirts of Moncton, NB, involving only a couple of hours of traveling – not too far away for this first expedition.  We bought a tent,Continue reading “Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 2”

Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 1

A few years ago, I had a dream that I was standing in a hallway.  To the left and to the right there were a number of doors, and at the end of the hallway, one single door. As I began to walk down the hall, I tried each door.  Some seemed to be locked. Continue reading “Many Doors, One Sanctuary: 10 Doors to Active Wellbeing: Doorway # 1”

Insight from COVID-19 – Transforming Reaction into Response 1.0

We are in the midst of chaotic times, no doubt.  It is truly a call for us all – to wake up to the fact that we live in a global community. Arguments to the contrary can no longer be entertained.  However, new thoughts, habits, and routines can be inner-trained. When faced with challenging circumstances, IContinue reading “Insight from COVID-19 – Transforming Reaction into Response 1.0”

Plan Now to Optimize 100!

What is there to look forward to as one ages?  I have a plan. It even has a name – Optimize 100! Femme Fierce! I believe that keeping as fit as possible and maintaining optimum body weight at any age will pay dividends as one begins to wind down. Our ability to remain fit and active willContinue reading “Plan Now to Optimize 100!”

Are We Automatic Losers?

Does media have the power to make us automatic losers?  What do you think? Human beings are consumers.  We eat to live.  For a human being to live optimally, something, whether it be animal or vegetable, dies.  Our microbiome (the new word of the day) depends on the continuous recycling of cells and micro-organisms.  ItContinue reading “Are We Automatic Losers?”

Canada’s New Food Guide!

Canada’s new food guide offers us a refreshing new dietary protocol to follow, but it can be a tad daunting, especially for those who are not used to eating this way. It has a lot in common with the Mediterranean diet, a way of eating that has been linked to longevity. A lot less meatContinue reading “Canada’s New Food Guide!”

Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!

Want to change the way you feel?  Want to feel better fast and make it last? Begin the day with gratitude. You woke on this side of the grass! Begin the day with creativity. Consider the possibilities for today! Begin the day with redirecting and reframing your negative thoughts. Go on a complaining fast! BeginContinue reading “Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!”

Petra, Tennis Warrior

“I am strong and I will fight this.” These are warrior’s words. I am totally inspired by athletes who work hard to become the best they can be.  A person can have talent and physical ability, but it takes a special kind of warrior to rise to the top of your game on a worldContinue reading “Petra, Tennis Warrior”

Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…

A terrestrial mollusk that secretes a film of mucus for protection that is as big as a human…what a revolting idea! Nobody wants to be that… But…how often do we feel sluggish?  The dictionary states that another term for a slow, lazy person is a sluggard. A little over 4 years ago I decided IContinue reading “Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…”