Plan Now to Optimize 100!

What is there to look forward to as one ages?  I have a plan. It even has a name – Optimize 100! Femme Fierce! I believe that keeping as fit as possible and maintaining optimum body weight at any age will pay dividends as one begins to wind down. Our ability to remain fit and active willContinue reading “Plan Now to Optimize 100!”


Is Your Body A Dump Site?

What if I told you that you could achieve a BB in a martial art at 40; be slim and fit at 50; run races, hike mountains or take up road biking at 60 while significantly decreasing the chances of developing the diseases that plague your parents and caused misery for your grandparents?  Live aContinue reading “Is Your Body A Dump Site?”

Canada’s New Food Guide!

Canada’s new food guide offers us a refreshing new dietary protocol to follow, but it can be a tad daunting, especially for those who are not used to eating this way. It has a lot in common with the Mediterranean diet, a way of eating that has been linked to longevity. A lot less meatContinue reading “Canada’s New Food Guide!”

Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!

Want to change the way you feel?  Want to feel better fast and make it last? Begin the day with gratitude. You woke on this side of the grass! Begin the day with creativity. Consider the possibilities for today! Begin the day with redirecting and reframing your negative thoughts. Go on a complaining fast! BeginContinue reading “Amen to Gratitude, Groovin’, and Good Groceries!”

Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…

A terrestrial mollusk that secretes a film of mucus for protection that is as big as a human…what a revolting idea! Nobody wants to be that… But…how often do we feel sluggish?  The dictionary states that another term for a slow, lazy person is a sluggard. A little over 4 years ago I decided IContinue reading “Nobody Wants To Be a Human Slug…”

Everyday Alchemy

This is the Alchemy symbol for transmutation.  It means the action of changing.  Inviting the spirit of the warrior into your life can result in the transmutation of mind, body, and spirit. A few months ago I was watching an online video by Lisa Nichols, motivational speaker and teacher who was featured in The Secret. Continue reading “Everyday Alchemy”

16/8 – Your Warrior Numbers!!

There’s a reason that every culture in every country in the world has practiced some form of fasting for thousands of years. It works. In this post, I will be introducing you to 16/8 Intermittent Fasting, as an aspect of utilizing fasting for health and longevity. Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term for eating protocols that cycleContinue reading “16/8 – Your Warrior Numbers!!”

So, You Want to be A Centenarian?

Monday, September 17, 2018, was Respect For The Aged Day in Japan. This is Japanese public holiday is celebrated annually in honor of its elderly citizens.  It began in 1966 and is held on the third Monday of September. On this day media features stories about the elderly and centenarians are given commemorative silver sakeContinue reading “So, You Want to be A Centenarian?”

Warrior, Your Time Has Come

Warrior A Warrior, she’s often been, Obsessed with other lands. Intending to her freedom, so Content to raise her hand. Yet, even in the midst of war, Surrounded by alone She knew t’was might that brought her here, And sliced her to the bone. This Warrior has sheathed her sword. Its glint may dull, atContinue reading “Warrior, Your Time Has Come”

2019: The Year of The Warrior

​It’s the perfect time to begin, or to begin again! It’s time to celebrate!  We have a fresh, new year ahead of us in which to learn and grow, to make new pathways in our brains that spark our creativity, fire our goals, and inspire us to live our very best life! Have you madeContinue reading “2019: The Year of The Warrior”