An Elegant Mind’s Handbook

Elegance is as natural as breathing. When you conduct yourself with elegance you are engaging your authentic self, the part that I call your Constant Traveler. This elegant aspect of you is always with you. It is who you are before you think about it and choose otherwise. Engage the Guide within you by choosingContinue reading “An Elegant Mind’s Handbook”

And I’m feelin’ good…

I’m not rich. I’m happy. Maybe I’m way off base here but the money I do have leads me to believe that money can make you feel better, for a time, but if you don’t care for you…inside…nothing in this world will make you feel better about yourself. We hear this all the time. It’sContinue reading “And I’m feelin’ good…”

The Mastery Mindset

Every time I sparred with my Taekwondo instructor, Glenn, I would get frustrated. It was like he knew what I was going to do even before I did.  Every kick, every punch…every block…was countered with ease and what seemed like enjoyment. How did you know I was going to do that? I would ask. YouContinue reading “The Mastery Mindset”

Translation: Creativity Is

Where there is silence, one finds the anchor of the Universe – Tao Te Ching The third installation of this peaceful spirit warrior trilogy involves translating it, applying it to life today.  How can what was revealed in that dark, silent night of spiritual awakening be translated to the light of today? It is myContinue reading “Translation: Creativity Is”

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is the second installment in the story of this peaceful warrior.  It is what happens when a person offers themselves, in full-body immersion, to whatever comes.  It is the embrace of reality.  It is the dissolution of illusions…of fantasy…the epilogue to the story of who was cast into the depths with such abandon…Continue reading “Phoenix Rising”

My Remains

It’s interesting…what happens when you are struggling with thoughts about life, belief, purpose, and the death of all that you know for sure.  In the wake of deep suffering…what remains? What truly survives the death of what we believe we are?  Are we courageous enough to travel there? The following is the first installation ofContinue reading “My Remains”

When the going gets tough…

How many times have you heard someone say after a tragedy, “I never thought something like this would happen in our small town. It’s unbelievable.” Well, it could, and it can, and it did. We have been living in a fantasy world, a fairy tale where we didn’t understand that something as tiny as a virus couldContinue reading “When the going gets tough…”

Know Better, Do Better

You will make mistakes. You will fall down.  Treat yourself gently. Give yourself some love – take the time you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again. Do you offer other people better treatment than you are willing to give yourself? This, my friend, is truly tragic. How can you beContinue reading “Know Better, Do Better”