Enchanting Treve – A Novel

What would you do if you discovered a secret…a secret delivered to you from beyond the grave?

A secret cast upon the veil that connects you to your beloved (and long-dead) grandmother…through the presence of a shaggy yellow dog?

What would you give to receive the skeleton key that unlocked a DNA deep connection to a family you never knew existed?  

Can we establish a conduit through time through the bright spirits who grace our lives? The ones we call our pets?

In the tradition of Big Fish meeting Marley and Me, enter into a storybook world shrouded in mystery, a world balanced on the nexus of fact and enchantment. A world vibrant with bittersweet moments…its joys and losses and traditions…and the pleasures and pains that arise from forbidden love.

A tale that may very well be the sweetest story ever told…

I am super excited to announce the upcoming release of my first novel, Enchanting Treve!

Stay tuned for more information!


Buy Your Own Darn Tiara!

Your burning DESIRE

Ignites the FIRE

Rock your WISE

Claim your PRIZE!

What is your deepest DESIRE? The thing that, if you don’t DO IT in some way, shape, or manner, you will regret it FOREVER?

I often talk about tattoo moments – those moments that are indelibly tattooed on your mind – a snapshot in time that serves as a powerful reminder of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come from that moment?

In one of those moments, I’m a 13-yr old girl sitting in a darkened gymnasium. There is a Carnival Queen contestant, a young lady a few years my senior, onstage. She is beginning the talent portion of the competition by doing a recitation of Desiderata, accompanied by the sweet strings of an acoustic guitar.

At that moment, these lines became indelibly tattooed on my mind…

You are a Child of the Universe; no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.


That was a revelation for me. I remember thinking…Really? I have a right to be here?

I was not chosen to be a Carnival Queen contestant, and often wondered what it would feel like to hear my name called as the winner…to sit on that throne on stage in my high school and be crowned Carnival Queen…to feel worthy of wearing that tiara.

You have a right to be here.

That’s when I learned a valuable lesson. Thinking about it, repeating it, and believing it are worlds apart. It took me many decades to find a way to apply it to my life.

I had to unlearn a lot of things – how to not wait for someone to give me permission to be the person who I was deep inside – to learn the skills necessary to believe in myself enough to create my version of success – to self-actualize as Maslow termed it.

To find the inner resources to stand up…to stand out…to be bold enough to buy my own darn tiara.

If you’re like me, I’m not content when an area of my life isn’t working as well as I know it could be. I enjoy challenges – overcoming my personal inertia and addressing these areas one at a time, using what I have come to describe as the 4Fs of Effective Action – Fearless faith, focus, and fortitude.

It certainly feels better than the other F’s that one can share in moments of frustration, right?

Perhaps you are like me? Is sitting on the sidelines not part of your personality? Do you truly BELIEVE that you are destined for something truly EPIC?

Call it a tiara, a crown, a diadem, a laurel wreath…or whatever…this is your choice…

Isn’t it time that you stand up and respond to the DESIRE that has been perennially scorching your Spirit…to IGNITE the fire in your heart…to rock your WISE – the part that says You are a Child of the Universe; no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here – and to claim your PRIZE? For no other reason than you declare it to be yours?

Buy Your Own Darn Tiara!

This is what I have chosen to do in what will be an EPIC year! I have just launched my new novel, Enchanting Treve. I am determined to proceed with fearless faith in myself, with focus – keeping my eyes on the prize, and fortitude – the determination to make this year the best I have ever lived!

If those of you who value my content would be so kind as to check out the book and share it as the ART I truly believe that it is…that would truly be EPIC!

Thank you in advance!

Here is a review from one of my valued ARC readers.

Enchanting Treve is a beautifully written book dripping with vivid imagery and well-crafted, thoughtful metaphors that saturates your senses brilliantly.   Weaving the many layers of meanings through past, present, and future, Tozer’s character, Tessa, faces challenges what everyone shares with age and experience. Through Tessa and her precious ReTreve, along with other humans and canine companions along the way, Tozer treats the reader to a journey where family roots run deep, and spiritual awakening is possible. I highly recommend this book for all ages, and especially those searching for personal and spiritual fulfillment. 

Brenda Malley, Screenwriter and award-winning Director of Chuppah

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0BRC77QZF/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3QO2QTA539O0I&keywords=enchanting%20treve&qid=1672404625&s=books&sprefix=enchanting%20treve%2Cstripbooks%2C75&sr=1-1&fbclid=IwAR3zJdGa0U-bBuhKkUeqNKemWOqr_tk3aMGE4ie9BQp_FK29AVTwHEpexW8


Enchanting Treve is a novel about connections – family, intimate, friendships, as well as our deep and profound relationship with our canine companions. 

Enchanting Treve explores the connections we have with others in a profound manner.

It invites you to consider how family connections impact our lives and addresses the societal norms that we have been conditioned to accept as the truth of who we are as people.

This novel opens the door to understanding that blood family connections are important, yes, but that family can also be people who are connected to you through your heart space, not only DNA. 

One of the main characters, a young woman named Hannah, demonstrates this through the evolution of her connections to whom she comes to regard as her “family” at the Country Cozy, where she lives.  Old Joe and Eva, in a manner of speaking, become Hannah’s adopted grandparents. Hannah also learns what it means to truly care for a little Pittie mix named Prince Charles.

Enchanting Treve connects us to life lessons – as demonstrated by the authentic elegance of our canine friends – our furry gurus – as we observe and care for them throughout their life transitions.  As dogs do not have the longevity of humans, relative to our human lifespan, everything is sped up.  We can observe their life changes from our perspective – matters of love, loyalty, and life and death…as well as aging…is demonstrated every day by their example.

Dogs have so much to teach us about ourselves

  • How we care for them (we learn about our personal capacity for compassion and empathy and are challenged to expand it).
  • How to stay present – to remain in the now – and not tune out on them.
  • How to respect them as a species very different from humans, a being with unique needs.  We may consider them our fur babies, but they aren’t human – they have different needs that must be addressed for them to feel secure and confident as a dog.  Consider this: If a person were to treat a dog as they do a human baby, this sweet, loyal companion will be forever lacking something…something they are not ever going to develop.  They will not be getting what they need from you as their leader, because they will always fall short of what a human can accomplish in their lifetime. It is often translated by the dog as an imbalance or weakness – one that they must do their best to address because it is in their DNA to seek balance in this way.

Know yourself, respect yourself. Respect yourself, respect other humans. Respect other humans respect other beings. Respect other beings, respect your dog.

You Know You’re A Dog Lover – Pt 1.

Dogs…gotta love them! I have to say that my dogs have taught me more about life, love, and loyalty than most humans! Yep, I’m a dog lover on a DNA deep level!

Here are a few ways that make it easy to identify if you are a true dog lover or not:

You KNOW you are a dog lover:

When your dogs have more playful “pet” names than most humans.

When each of your dogs has a middle name.

Every dog should have a middle name.

Tessa, Enchanting Treve, A Novel

When you sing songs to your dogs with such gusto that they believe you are howling.

When you keep your “Mother Hubbard’s doggy cupboard” stocked with skunk shampoo, doggy first aid pamphlets and remedies, doggy wipes and sprays, syringes, and plyers for extracting porcupine quills.

When dog-hair tumbleweeds are common in your terrain.

When you must brush the dog hair off your clothing, your couch, AND your bed before getting into it.

When you place cushions in front of your bed pillow so you can be reasonably sure that no dog’s bum has been on it.

When unapologetically pooping in public is considered normal behavior.

When you carry plastic “goody bags” on your meditative strolls.

When tongue-bathing their private parts beside you, while you are eating, is the only reason that you feel the need to command that space.

When the words, What is he eating? What is he rolling in? What’s he chewing on? is a commonplace convo with your partner.

Ah, yes…you gotta luv them…

This one gives new meaning to the Ultimate Bag of Bones Manifesto:

When your living room looks like a bovine bone yard!!

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Enchanting Treve, A Novel, coming soon to Amazon!

My Friend…

Isn’t it interesting how friendships form? As I was writing my new novel, Enchanting Treve, I thought about how, young or old, we can connect to one another in a deep and meaningful way. The generation gap does not have to factor into the relationship – if a person is truly willing to connect. In the novel, Tessa (65) meets Hannah (19), and a true connection happens over a shared interest – their love of dogs. This post outlines the many reasons why it is important to have friends of ALL ages.

The Ultimate Bag of Bones Manifesto

Isn’t it time to step out of your comfort zone and embrace diversity? Age diversity, that is!

If the oldest person in your circle of friends is under 35, you need to get out more. If the youngest person in your circle of friends is 40+, you need to get out more.

Out of your comfort zone, that is!

We understand that others can show us to ourselves in ways that we may never see otherwise. Many times, what gets reflected back to us as a “generation” gap is rich with information…if we are courageous enough to embrace it.

We often think of ageism as younger folks judging older folks as being outdated and narrow-minded. However, the opposite is just as true…older folks are more comfortable in the role of guide, advisor, or instructor with respect to younger people because we have experienced more days waking up…

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Trust Your Results

Results don’t lie. You may not like them, but you can trust them.

For the next few days, pay particular attention to how you spend your time. How you use your time is the most accurate representation of your priorities, because they reveal what is truly important to you.

Use this simple process to analyze your findings:

  • Honestly assess your results. Where did you spend your precious time? Where did you invest your precious time? Keep in mind that resting and recharging are an investment in your future success.
  • Question everything, especially your excuses.
  • Celebrate even the smallest wins. I suggest creating a Kudo Calendar where you can track your successes. Purchase a calendar with space on it to list your tasks. Check off each task as you complete it. Post your Kudo Calendar in a place where you can easily see it. I use brightly colored markers to check off the tasks that lead to even my smallest wins. You can do the same with a TO-DO List.
  • How did you make this small triumph happen? Be sure to include this mindset and process in your assessment.
  • Accept responsibility for your less-than-stellar results. If you do not like your results, are you inclined to blame someone or something for them?
  • Who or what defeated you? What can you do about it? Use your imagination to brainstorm new options. Perhaps you will discover that you have been defeating yourself in some way, shape, or form.
  • What are you already beginning to regret? Regrets, most often, come from living a lie.
  • Take action on your findings. Do more of the good stuff, and less of the not-so-good stuff. Action widens the gap between you and failure. Without action, even the most wonderful dreams will die.

If it’s important, we make the time. If it’s not, we make an excuse.

Marie Forleo


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If you could be anything, what would you be?

credit jooinn.com

Just imagine…dream about it. Let your mind soar higher than the sky you see above you.

Can you love who you are? Your errors? Your vulnerable self? Your fierceness? Your weariness…your unique possibilities?

Can you let go of the value you place on your wounds?

Embrace it all. Each part has something to share. Sometimes it’s the triumph you feel by simply surviving.

Simple can be so beautiful…

Leave no piece of you behind to be devoured by wolves. These, too, have their place in the natural order, but in order for you to be peaceful all of your pieces must be joined, embraced, and accepted. At home.

Home. Sanctuary. Where the very best dreams are made.

The Nature of Nature

Nobody, no matter how financially wealthy, intellectually gifted, or physically beautiful, wins every time.

Even if you don’t win the game every time, if you can show yourself that you’ve made progress, that you are better for this investment of time and energy, that’s a WIN.

You win some, you lose some. But if you learn from every experience…then, my friend, you WIN. Every time.

’tis the nature of nature.

Simple. Pure. YOU…


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Check out An Elegant Mind’s Handbook for more deep-dive ideas. And here’s a gift for you…if you purchase the book, I invite you to contact me on my website https://www.pauladtozerauthor.com and let me know you have purchased it. I will send you SKY MIND, a free guided meditation that I created to get you in the Contemplative Writing mindset!


Give yourself some credit!

  • You are standing up for your dreams
  • You are putting in the effort
  • You are investing valuable time in learning and growing
  • You are applying what you’ve learned with as much excellence as you possibly can
  • You are satisfied with being awesome when most folks are satisfied with much less

Perhaps…just perhaps…you are a Stargazer?

Keep your eyes on the prize!


If you find value in this post, please share it.

Check out An Elegant Mind’s Handbook for more deep-dive ideas. And here’s a gift for you…if you purchase the book, I invite you to contact me on my website https://www.pauladtozerauthor.com and let me know you have purchased it. I will send you SKY MIND, a free guided meditation that I created to get you in the Contemplative Writing mindset!

My Furry Guru Series: The Power of The Pack

Benjamin B. aka The Gen-a-min

​​Unlike most of the critters that enhance our lives, dogs have been systematically engineered to live with humans.  Consider the huge amount of diversity and personality characteristics that are part of each unique breed – if you have a specific requirement, there often is a specific breed that was purposefully bred to meet that need.  

However, dogs, like their human companions, have specific psychological and physiological requirements that must be considered in order to live their best life.

From the moment a new puppy or a grown dog comes into your home he/she begins searching – searching for where they fit into your “pack.”

Dogs have a natural ability to hear what we can’t hear, to smell what we can’t smell, and also to read the energetic atmosphere of not only our home environment but also the specific vibe of each human with whom they interact.

It’s been scientifically proven that some dogs can smell cancer cells, or can predict bad weather, so it’s not much of a stretch (or new-agey) to acknowledge that dogs can read our energy.  

The lone wolf idea is a myth.  Wolves, as well as dogs, thrive when they are part of a pack. Dogs are genetically similar to wolves, and even though there are vast differences now between wolves and your 3lb Chihuahua, dogs have evolved over eons to fit into the human pack we call a family.  In order to do this as well as they do, their innate ability to “read the human room” energetically has only been enhanced through thousands of generations of breeding.

To translate this into human terms, dogs truly understand the why’s, the how’s, and the power of teamwork.  There’s a lot that humans can learn from our furry gurus.

From the moment we were born we begin to realize that we are separate beings – apart from our mom and then dad and then others.  For any of you who are parents or have been around very young babies, infants have specific ways that are designed to get their needs met. Their overwhelming innate directive is to survive and, to them, it depends entirely on their ability to read the emotional environment. Due to familial dysfunction, sometimes infants develop attachment issues.  

These attachment issues can remain with us for the rest of our lives. However, there is an alternative – create your own darn pack!

In human terms, we call it a team. A team can be anything from a friendship, a family alliance, or a professional collaboration.

A deep, fulfilling relationship with our intimate partner is one of the most profound experiences of teamwork we can ever experience. As with a lot of life’s wonders, the pleasure of this kind of relationship must be experienced to be truly understood.

I have a coaster that sits beside my computer that reads, “In a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”

Perhaps you have strained relationships with your family. Maybe you feel you are a loner and have trouble making friends. Perhaps there is nobody at your workplace who seems to vibe as your tribe.

Regardless of whether you have fulfilling human relationships or not, if you have the space, the means, and the compassion…I suggest you consider adopting a dog. I say, “adopting” because dogs are not something you rescue, like a shoe from the river, at least not to me. Dogs become part of your family. Your pack.

Consider your relationship with your dog to be teamwork. Dogs bring such sweet, vibrant energy to your life. They challenge you and stretch you in ways that no human can. They invite you to be the best human you can possibly be at this point in time…and encourage you to expand into the fullness of yourself by their example.

They are always dogging. Their simple nature, so accepting of all things human, has a way of melting the most frozen of hearts.

Truly, at the deepest grassroots level you can possibly imagine, dogs show us who we are.

Are you prepared to learn, love, and lead your pack?

Skipper aka The Bestest Boy

ps: Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do. There are so many dogs that need great homes. However, give it serious thought before you do so. Adopting a dog can be a lifetime commitment – their lifetime depends on your choice. If you are unsure about what dog would be best for you, please consult with a professional dog trainer or a local obedience club.