My Furry Guru Series: The Power of The Pack

Benjamin B. aka The Gen-a-min

​​Unlike most of the critters that enhance our lives, dogs have been systematically engineered to live with humans.  Consider the huge amount of diversity and personality characteristics that are part of each unique breed – if you have a specific requirement, there often is a specific breed that was purposefully bred to meet that need.  

However, dogs, like their human companions, have specific psychological and physiological requirements that must be considered in order to live their best life.

From the moment a new puppy or a grown dog comes into your home he/she begins searching – searching for where they fit into your “pack.”

Dogs have a natural ability to hear what we can’t hear, to smell what we can’t smell, and also to read the energetic atmosphere of not only our home environment but also the specific vibe of each human with whom they interact.

It’s been scientifically proven that some dogs can smell cancer cells, or can predict bad weather, so it’s not much of a stretch (or new-agey) to acknowledge that dogs can read our energy.  

The lone wolf idea is a myth.  Wolves, as well as dogs, thrive when they are part of a pack. Dogs are genetically similar to wolves, and even though there are vast differences now between wolves and your 3lb Chihuahua, dogs have evolved over eons to fit into the human pack we call a family.  In order to do this as well as they do, their innate ability to “read the human room” energetically has only been enhanced through thousands of generations of breeding.

To translate this into human terms, dogs truly understand the why’s, the how’s, and the power of teamwork.  There’s a lot that humans can learn from our furry gurus.

From the moment we were born we begin to realize that we are separate beings – apart from our mom and then dad and then others.  For any of you who are parents or have been around very young babies, infants have specific ways that are designed to get their needs met. Their overwhelming innate directive is to survive and, to them, it depends entirely on their ability to read the emotional environment. Due to familial dysfunction, sometimes infants develop attachment issues.  

These attachment issues can remain with us for the rest of our lives. However, there is an alternative – create your own darn pack!

In human terms, we call it a team. A team can be anything from a friendship, a family alliance, or a professional collaboration.

A deep, fulfilling relationship with our intimate partner is one of the most profound experiences of teamwork we can ever experience. As with a lot of life’s wonders, the pleasure of this kind of relationship must be experienced to be truly understood.

I have a coaster that sits beside my computer that reads, “In a perfect world every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”

Perhaps you have strained relationships with your family. Maybe you feel you are a loner and have trouble making friends. Perhaps there is nobody at your workplace who seems to vibe as your tribe.

Regardless of whether you have fulfilling human relationships or not, if you have the space, the means, and the compassion…I suggest you consider adopting a dog. I say, “adopting” because dogs are not something you rescue, like a shoe from the river, at least not to me. Dogs become part of your family. Your pack.

Consider your relationship with your dog to be teamwork. Dogs bring such sweet, vibrant energy to your life. They challenge you and stretch you in ways that no human can. They invite you to be the best human you can possibly be at this point in time…and encourage you to expand into the fullness of yourself by their example.

They are always dogging. Their simple nature, so accepting of all things human, has a way of melting the most frozen of hearts.

Truly, at the deepest grassroots level you can possibly imagine, dogs show us who we are.

Are you prepared to learn, love, and lead your pack?

Skipper aka The Bestest Boy

ps: Adopting a dog is a wonderful thing to do. There are so many dogs that need great homes. However, give it serious thought before you do so. Adopting a dog can be a lifetime commitment – their lifetime depends on your choice. If you are unsure about what dog would be best for you, please consult with a professional dog trainer or a local obedience club.


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I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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