It’s Time to P!

I don’t take dares. Dares automatically demonstrate that I don’t have a clue who I am and that I am not in touch with my personal power, because you can sway me with your words, manipulate me to do your bidding, and influence me with your choices…not my own.

When I accept an, I dare you!, I automatically subjugate my power to choose…to yours.

I don’t enjoy proving people wrong. I do enjoy performing at the top of my game. I enjoy bringing the heat, offering you the honor of being in the presence of excellence, because I’m always summoning my personal power to prove my personal best.

You, my friend, deserve nothing but the best, so I plan to bring my eagle eyes, my wicked grin, and my fierce Goddes energy to our engagement.

Always Lead With Your Power Moves.

To do this I must be prepared. I must embrace the 5P’sproper planning prevents poor performance. In this post, I will offer you a glimpse into Contemplative Writing through the Alliteration exercise. It involves utilizing the power of words to reveal their deeper meaning.

Simply stated, the Alliteration exercise invites you to find as many words that start with the letter you select (in this case P ) in order to consider what you write from more angles than you normally would.

It’s time to P! To engage in a practice in possibility.

Proper planning involves effort, attention to detail, focus on excellence, and assuming the power position.

Proper preparation requires persistent practice. Practice builds confidence through competence. Practice something so many times that it becomes easier to do it right than it is to do it any other way, and when the time comes to work “your program,” you will find yourself properly prepared.

Think of it this way:

When you prepare with excellence, for an excellent performance each day, you will never be unprepared.

The 5P’s represent progress. Preparation doesn’t mean perfection, it means showing up presentable and proud. Progress is recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating every little thing. It is understanding that each step, however small, will lead you to the prize.

Preparation pays. There is always a payback, a return on your investment, but as with any truly satisfying payday, you must earn it.

Let’s examine the idea of testing. A lot of people are terrified of tests. I used to be as well. Why? Because I felt I was unprepared. And guess what? I was!

I learned how to reframe testing in this manner – a test is my personal indicator of my mastery of the material.

When put to the test, you know that you’re prepared because you’ve done the work every darn day – every bit of groundwork, research, and leg work. You’ve contributed your blood, sweat, and tears to this pursuit. You’ve formed a plan, promised yourself you would follow it, and worked your plan with precision every day, relentlessly developing your skillset and the endurance required not only to get “up to pace” but to “keep up to pace.”

Because you have crafted a plan, you can also track your progress. You can identify specific waypoints, thresholds, and barriers breached along the way.

Each day, as you practice your skills, you are declaring what’s yours.

I MADE THIS. My results don’t lie.

Give yourself permission to celebrate these moments with authentic pride, pride in a job well done!

The 5P’s are proactive. It’s utilizing an effective blend of information and imagination. It’s contingency planning, identifying as many possible outcomes as you can, and considering what you would do in that scenario in order to mitigate an undesirable outcome.

The 5p’s are projection – projecting your competent, confident self into the future and visualizing how you have addressed and overcome the circumstances that could lead to that a less preferable outcome.

The 5p’s also represent the part of preparation that is designed to prepare you for when you aren’t prepared. When you are blindsided, shocked, caught unaware, distracted or surprised by a unexpected twist in the program.

It means answering the question, What will I do if after all my preparation I make an error?

The 5P’s – proper planning prevents poor performance – allows you to prepare to be unprepared.

Proper preparation is a power move. It doesn’t guarantee success in the situation but it does guarantee a powerful response to it.

The 5P’s allow you to practice packing your parachute. In this regard, I utilize the following activities to increase my personal empowerment:

Impromptu Speaking – Toastmasters is a superb way to practice this skill! I highly recommend it.

Improv Acting – Find an acting group in your local area that offers improv exercises. This will definitely push you out of your comfort zone. If you live in a rural area where there are no acting opportunities, become badass and create one!

Martial Arts – Nothing, I repeat nothing, builds resilience as efficiently as falling on your butt during a martial arts class! Learning how to fall is a vital component in any martial arts activity, and teaches you to deal with being less than badass.

The 5P’s provide the space to develop the skillset that allows you to stay the course when the going gets tough. They offer you space to retreat to the gap – the gap between stimulus and response – and learn how to stay calm when provoked. They allow you to practice staying on track and assist you in developing staying power.

The 5P’s present you with every opportunity to demonstrate authentic pride – pride in a job well done. To take pride in your presentation – your personal conduct as well as your personal appearance. A powerful presentation, in any situation, feels best when you dress for success.

I’ve got this. Bring it on!

Like Neo’s gesture in the Matrix, your presentation becomes an uncompromising, unapologetic expression of your personal power. You, quite literally, project power. You bring your badass, rock star, martial arts master athletic competence to the stage.

In another (delightful I might add) play on words, you can deliberately have “projecting your power” be your Power Project.

Your Project Power trains you to project power – both psychological and physiological expressions, into your presentation.

The secret of the practice is to LOVE showing up for success. Create powerful moments for yourself – a power suit (it may be black on black, tight, ripped, and freaking covered with sequins too!!!), a power dress, or any outfit that makes you feel poised, powerful, and prepared.

This song is part of my Power Playlist. It always serves to amp me up and primes me for flashing the world my wicked grin of triumph. If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to create your own!

Power, to me, feels like this sounds. What do you think?

This feeling…this badass rocker inner vibe…is what it FEELS like. Turn it up LOUD and PUNCH REPEAT!

The 5P’s represent primal power. You are at nobody’s mercy, unless you choose it. Primal is dancing as close to the flame as possible while still keepin’ on kickin’! It is bringing your fierce – practical everyday relentless bulletproofing.

Let your performance be your proof of power. You, my friend, deserve to kick ass. Play as if you are a rock goddess (or god) who deserves an anthem to be written about you!!


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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