It Takes One To Know One

As I was checking my grocery order the other day, I asked the young clerk how she was doing.

Living the dream, she said, with a wry smile. Obviously, she was not. Obviously, she felt resigned to her fate – her life is the end of the line…where dreams come to die.

Unrealized dreams, at some point, morph into regrets.

What I witnessed was another nail in the coffin.

Her comment gave me cause for pause. Sometimes it’s hard to keep believing in a better day when the evidence doesn’t seem to support the dream, right?

This is how I see it – I offer this to you as cuisine for contemplation…

Your first dream must be a dream of reception. And you must offer yourself the first All-ACCESS Very Important Person Invitation.

Thoughts are like boomerangs. What you throw out there will return to you…and knock you flat if you aren’t prepared to receive it. If you are not a VIP in your own life, the evidence you are seeing come back to you will show you.

I worked for over a decade for the Canadian government, the majority of time in the intense environment of our federal Firearms Program. Our Call Center had a large staff dedicated to answering inbound calls.

Working in a Call Center can be an intense and challenging job choice. Due to the controversial nature of the program, the majority of the calls we received ranged in tone from mild frustration to outright aggressive verbal attacks.

Many times it felt like we were at the mercy of the person on the other end of the line. The only way to deal with it was to suffer your way through it and help the irate caller regardless of what they said about us, or our department, as we were there to serve.

While immersed in this Crucible, I found something profound. The power of choice.

After a few weeks of answering call after call for 7 hrs at a time, I began to develop some deflective abilities, what some would term as a “thick skin.”

As a martial artist, I understood the power of working with an opponent’s energy in order to neutralize the attack. You simply go with the flow…

However, as I began to work with this energy, another level of energy revealed itself. I think of it like reflective skin. The subtle shift of thought that brought this dream to life was achieved through a shift of perspective. I didn’t deflect their aggression, I shone so brightly that it transformed that energy into something acceptable.

It worked like magic! That’s when I learned that magic is real. Real magic is based on the scientific principles of the cosmos. That is why a magician’s trick works every time.

This is how I began to understand real magic…by setting my intention before the call came in, and sharing it through the power in my voice.

Sound is frequency. Our vocal cords vibrate at a certain frequency. Sounds from another’s voice are on a certain frequency that we interpret through our personal receptivity instrument – our ears.

As the months flew by I began to realize that I could set the tone for the calls I received. I started to understand that by standing firm and only agreeing to accept positive calls, what I received were positive calls. This worked so well over so many calls that even if the caller had just gotten off an angry call from the clerk sitting next to me, and called back, getting me, I could diffuse that anger by the end of the call by using the power of my voice.

Are you living the dream? Or…LIVING THE DREAM!

The dream begins with you.

Your first dream must be a dream of reception. What I realized is that I had to set the conditions for what I would accept into my world – and that meant, in this circumstance, what sounds I heard coming through the telephone line.

If you are not a very important person in your own life, why would anyone else treat you that way? As a VIP, you obviously get treated with care, attention, and honor.

No matter what your profession, you can set it up so that you are always in an elegant state of mind. Your dreams must taste like sweet, effervescent abundance as they flow out of your mouth.

My Firearms Center experience taught me that this is how you can live the dream no matter where you are.

Right now your dream may seem far away. You may be like the young grocery clerk, looking at my groceries as she scanned them, seeing no end to the monotony of customer after customer, living on a prayer as she worked for the weekend…her inner world revealed in the bleak and bitter words she spoke to her customers.

But consider this, right beside that demotivated clerk was a very pleasant and smiling young man who was doing the exact same job. This young man may have had a sick mother at home, or been dealing with severe diabetes, or, like me, was going through a nasty divorce…we can never know what someone else is dealing with…but he kept on offering everyone he met the very best of him.

He kept his eyes on the prize…he met everyone’s eyes with a smile that shone through his own eyes. His bright and shiny “skin” reflected the joy that he chose to share. In this way, he was living the dream.

Think beautiful thoughts, you are beautiful.

It takes one to know one. Or recognize one.

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I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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