Are You Life Resistant?


Want to discover where you are resisting life? Get a therapeutic massage.

It’s not too much of a stretch to acknowledge that tension gets stored in the body. Uptight, inflexible thoughts, repetitive strain, poor ergonomics, poor posture, and/or traumatic experiences that make us cringe tend to show up as pockets of resistance in our bodies.

Think about what happens to a person when they sit at a desk typing for too long without stretching – their neck and shoulder muscles become tense. Keep repeating this over and over and you will experience chronic tension in your neck and shoulders that can lead you to headaches, shoulder pain, and a trip to the massage therapist. Chronic tension may also require more than one trip to the physiotherapist.

Here’s a revelation (at least it was for me): A deep tissue massage can identify pockets of tension that you may not even be aware of until they are actually touched.

When I began to notice that I didn’t feel pain in certain places in my back until the therapist added pressure to that spot, I asked him why. He said that it is quite common.

It is an adaptation response. Our body gets used to us having chronic tension and “shuts off” the pain receptors to the brain as best they can. In other words, we get used to living in a state of tension. When the tension becomes too great, and our system gets overwhelmed, we feel the pain…perhaps, for the first time.

Flexibility exercises can also remind you of your tension. Want to live long and live well? Focus on these factors – flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance.

There are a number of determinates for how flexible an individual can be. Genetics, gender, and age (among others) play a role. Some studies suggest that our flexibility declines by as much as 20-30% between the ages of 30 and 70.

As young as 30??? I think we’d better get moving!

Do not concede any ground you don’t have to until you must!

It is important for well-being to do some form of stretching daily. I highly suggest yoga. For flexibility, balance, and strength, yoga can really kick your butt!

It offers you a healthy reminder of where you are tense and reminds you to breathe through the tension and release it. The more you stretch, the more you release.

There is nothing like the feeling you have after a great yoga session! You must do the work to feel the difference it makes. You will be releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins. Calmness and clarity will be your rewards!

Consider yoga to be a self-massage technique. You are massaging your muscles and internal organs with gentle activity, increasing blood circulation and releasing pockets of resistance as you focus on your breath.

We may get away with offering resistance to life by abusing our bodies when we are younger, but these factors become vital best life practices as we age. Whether you are 30, 60, or 80, it is highly recommended to do activities that promote these basic components of healthy aging each day.

Want to identify where you are resistant to living your best life?

Schedule a massage.

Attend a yoga class.

Be flexible enough to let it kick your butt!

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