Is That Right?

How important is it to be right? What exactly does “right” mean?

For this purpose, let’s consider right as alignment with your most elegant self:

Right being a well-considered, honorable, and compassionate plan.

Right being an enthusiastic application of clear-eyed intention.

Right being inspired, purposeful action.

Right being honoring and exercising your right to revise your plan at any point.

Right being your right to express your excellence, to keep your eyes on the prize of your choice, and

Right being your right to happily claim your prize and celebrate its rewards!

It’s time to celebrate! Bring your open mind and your open heart to the party.

What if your highest form of right is also your highest form of happy?

What if there is more than one right answer?

Would I honor my freedom if I did not honor your freedom to choose otherwise?

Work from your highest form of right. Engage your most compassionate and honorable self as you contemplate what that is…and then prove yourself right!

Am I right? or Am I right?

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Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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