The Color of Love

The very first time I saw Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, my heart knew him.

I mean that I responded to his energy. The peacefulness and kindness he exuded made me want to rush to him, fold myself into his arms, and stay there for a very, very long time.

Perhaps forever.

But, because I couldn’t do that, the urge made me cry.

This energy was so foreign to me – I was raised by a dad who I love for doing his very best, but the compassion and patient father figure energy that I felt from The Dalai Lama’s demeanor and voice – assured me that he would have time for me, and would listen to me, and offer me that kind smile of understanding…the understanding of deep hurt I couldn’t articulate, but that I knew all too well…

He spoke to my yearning to simply be seen and heard by a man present for himself and others…a man who I knew deep in my own spirit was a man who had endured tremendous pain…the pain of the people he loved being thrust into the deep, dark wasteland…to be battered and tormented for simply being who their spirit led them to be.

A man who, even through tremendous struggle, offered the world a smile that reached his eyes.

His struggle was not my struggle, but yet it was…do you know what I mean?

His kind smile…his soft eyes, gentle and full of compassion…so elegant and honorable in his non-judgment…that was what I craved.

I didn’t feel that anywhere in the emotional wasteland in which I lived. I yearned for kindness like a small, lonely seed in a parched landscape…waiting for rain in order to germinate and grow and bloom.

Simply stated, I had never met this man but yet my heart responded to his kindness.


That is when I learned that the heart responds to kindness. Namaste…I see you…

Kindness responds in kind. In a surge of relief, it bubbles up from the depths, overflowing the heart, and often…if you can release your vigilance, even for a moment, it seeps out through the eyes.

A few years ago I wrote a song called Pink, as I was expressing the energy of love through a song designed to promote peace instead of war. I held the energy of love in mind, in soft pinks, like the energy represented by rose quartz.

The properties of rose quartz are said to touch the inner longing of the spirit. Its soft pink color connects your broken heart to your source of healing, offering relief from resentments and anger. The energies of rose quartz are known to create a sense of calmness and the inner peace required for self-healing. It can heal emotional wounds.

Pink is the color of love.

One day, immediately after a recording session for a version of this song that did not get released, I stopped at our local gas station. As I was paying for my fuel, the young man behind the counter asked me how my day was going.

I said Great! and told him about the song. He said, Oh, cool! Can you sing a bit of it for me?

There was nobody else within earshot, so I leaned in and sang the simple chorus for him.

Pink is, pink is, pink is the color of love…

When I looked up his eyes were filled with tears. He said, with an awkward, wistful smile…You are making me cry here…

Namaste…a greeting of respect…I see you….

I wanted to honor his feelings in this public place, so I smiled, acknowledged his words, paid for my gas, and left.

I’ve often thought about the honor that young man gave me that day by offering me a fleeting glimpse into his beautiful heart. A flash of light, like a firefly in the night…his feelings leaking out through the tears in his eyes.

We shared a Something Colored Beautiful moment.

I believe we all carry pain inside us, the pain of a child never truly seen and heard. The pain of a wounded spirit that dreams of a peaceful oasis…a soft place to refresh itself…to fold itself into the arms of love and acceptance…and rest…for a time…

Perhaps to continue wandering the wasteland…the wilderness of smiles that never quite seem to reach those people’s eyes.

But then again…perhaps not.

Perhaps the color of love, embedded within the frequency of a song…has the power to gently show the weary traveler his way home.


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I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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