Your Dream Police?

Ok, so you’ve dared to dream. How’s that working for you?

Are you working towards your goal with steady, clear focus? With your eyes on the prize?

Is the process satisfying? Or are you becoming frustrated that it hasn’t come fast enough?

What if…in real life…you are pushing your goal away?

Ye old carrote on a sticke…

Think of the carrot on the stick scenario: The driver of a wagon finds a carrot, some string, and a suitable stick. The stick must be sturdy and just long enough so the horse that pulls the wagon cannot bite it. The string must be long enough to tie to the carrot and to the stick, but it cannot be long enough to actually reach the horse’s mouth. The string makes the carrot swing back and forth…making it seem deliciously within reach, when, in real life, the horse can never get the carrot.

Essentially, this is an exercise in manipulation and coersion, concocted to make the horse want the carrot enough to keep moving (and pulling the wagon) as it tries to get the prize.

With its eyes on the carrot, all the horse sees is the carrot.

The driver puts the carrot in place, and positions herself in the driver’s seat. With the conditions that the driver has set up they know that without them controlling the reins, the horse will pull the wagon off the road trying to get the carrot.

The horse knows nothing of the driver’s plans. All it sees is the delicious carrot swinging tantalizingly near…then frustratingly out of reach…

You are not a horse…

That is obvious, but it is interesting how this scenario is relatable to human beings. It seems that we often behave in this way, chasing dreams that often seem tantalizingly appealing but perpetually out of reach.

What if it is a matter of process?

When you begin to dream, how does the process work for you? Do you consider not just how great it would feel to live the dream, but how great it feels to dream the dream?

The journey and the destination are the same. The journey is the destination. If this sounds cryptic and incredibly frustrating to you, allow me to present another perspective: Perhaps the issue is not that the dream is out of reach, but that you cannot imagine the possibility of it coming true?

I often describe humans as marvelously creative beings.

We are so deeply creative that we cannot not create, even if we use our creative abilities in our own disservice.

The problem (and the solution) lies with the energy we put into the dream.

A dream begins as a gleam in the dreamer’s eye. However, that gleam is not the cause, but an effect of the thought behind it.

Your best life begins and ends with the quality of your thoughts. What are you thinking? Is your inner environment the place where your dreams come to die?

The journey and the destination come from the same thought. It is the condition of your thoughts during the process that guarantees your results.

In order for the dream to come to you, the process must become as valuable as the result.

What you declare you broadcast, like a radio station antenna. What you receive will be those people and situations that respond to that particular frequency.

What are you broadcasting? What is the condition of your thoughts as you begin to work toward what you have declared is your desired goal? Results don’t lie, but you can lie to yourself about what those results mean, without ever meaning to do it. This keeps your eyes on the prize but the prize tantalizingly…and frustratingly…out of reach.

If I asked you what would happen if you grasped something with one hand and pushed it away with the other, what would you say? It’s an exercise in futility, right?

Life (with your Constant Traveler in the driver’s seat) will show you that the beginning, middle, and ending of a dream are part of the same thought system. One cannot proceed without the other.

We declare what we want and then immediately begin to expend energy declaring why we can’t have it.

We make up a reason that proves we should believe in it more than the dream itself.

And the Cosmos responds. You’ve received exactly what you’ve asked for.

You are a marvelously creative being, a powerful dreamer. We often think of a dream as being a positive thing, but a person can also have bad dreams, right? The ones we call nightmares, that strip us of our peaceful, easy feelings?

Beginning to dream and simultaneously beginning to dream of all the reasons we can’t have it is the definition of self-sabotage.

Impatience and frustration, or peaceful, easy feelings…both set you up for more of the same. Which one, do you believe, will create the conditions that support your best results?

What if the issue is not with the dreamer? You are worthy.

What if the issue is not with the dream? It is worthy.

What if the issue is with the conditions set by the dreamer?

What if you have devalued your personal ability to create to such a degree, and for so long, that you cannot imagine a positive outcome?

What if…you’ve not only become your personal Dream Police squad, but you have also created a personal Dream SWAT Team that becomes activated as soon as you begin…a team that is designed to come in and kick the shit out of your dream?

Is this the Dream Team that will bring you the results you want?

Your vibe determines your tribe. Choose again.

Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It’s ordinary to love the beautiful, but it’s beautiful to love the ordinary.


If the journey is the destination, can you live with that?


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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