Full Whack! The Obvious Delight of Jamie Oliver

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In the culinary world, Jamie Oliver is one of the obvious standouts.  His talent for creating quick and healthy recipes and delivering top-quality results in his restaurants, all while becoming one of television’s top personalities, has catapulted him to celebrity chef status and earned him the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

However, that’s not why I love watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows.  I am enchanted by his obvious delight in the delivery of his craft!


In his hands, every ingredient, no matter how mundane, becomes gorgeous…a thing of beauty.  Each recipe is always and in all ways…remarkably brilliant.

Jamie’s food is always prepared with a heaping helping of enthusiasm.  His obvious enjoyment with the transformation of affordable ingredients into healthy, relatable cuisine is the right kind of contagion for a world in obvious need of his flavor of relief.

I always smile when I hear him say, turn on the “cooker” on to “full whack,” meaning turn the stove burner on to high. 

I find this delightful, as I have often been a “full whack” cooker. 

Yep. At times, I have obviously been a bit too distracted…taken on one too many ingredients in my day…and burned the bangers and mash.  My annoyingly reliable smoke alarm, which scares the snot out of my 6 rescued dogs and cats as it reports that I have once again charred the chard, can attest to my lack of culinary focus.

I’m sure that in the days before he mastered cheffing, Jamie must have had a few kitchen mishaps himself.  Everyone who is at the top of their game has had more than one incident while they were learning when and how to master the art of the full whack.  His mastery of the burner is indicative of one who has spent way more than the 10,000 hours required to become a master of the culinary arts.

As I see it, that is what makes him infinitely relatable.  You cannot be named the most influential person in the UK hospitality industry by not dancing daily on a creative precipice. 

However, for me, the proof is in the pudding – Jamie has created not only a Food Revolution (tackling the problem of childhood obesity in America due to what I describe as the SAD Diet, the Standard (North) American Diet that has contributed to this generation being the first in generations to have a life expectancy that is shorter than their parents, or will be condemned to spend their elderly years in poor health) but Oliver is also well known for the multiple series of cooking shows where he teaches us non-chefs how to create easy, healthy, fresh 15 and 30 minute meals that, I heartily agree, are simply gorgeous.

In my research for this post, I discovered that my favorite chef has severe dyslexia.  In many ways that makes him more endearing to me and infinitely more inspirational. Here is a man who has overcome an extreme barrier to learning to become one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. 

Obviously, living on full whack does not include tossing substandard ingredients into the pot.

What is the secret of Jamie Oliver’s brilliant success?  He talks the gorgeous talk, and his results prove that he walks the walk.  He is a brilliant example of what living full whack acts like, sounds like, feels like, and most of all…tastes like.

Want to feel more confident?  Find something small and learn to do it extremely well.  Keep in mind that every celebrity chef had to begin with their first recipe. 

This is one small, gorgeous thing that every person alive has in common.

Before you can see it to be it, you must first believe it is true…for you. 

I invite you to check out one of Jamie Oliver’s many television series.  Pick one recipe. In the tradition of Oliver – choose beautiful, healthy ingredients.  Utilize your common senses to make this recipe yours – smell your ingredients’ freshness, feel their crispness, and offer the process a heaping helping of “brilliant” talk (from a height, of course!). 

Allow the obvious delight of Jamie Oliver to infuse you with flavor!  Trust that he will advise you when the time is right to turn the cooker on to full whack. 

Test your recipe until it tastes like gorgeous.  Then…allow your taste buds offer their own reward.

Celebrate your success by sharing it with others! Share gorgeous and be gorgeous.  Savor the flavor as delight begets delight!

When I observe the delight of Jamie Oliver, he reminds me that the recipe for a full life, like the recipe for a gorgeous meal, begins with quality ingredients and is accomplished one brilliant step at a time.

Show the world your brilliance.  Become an obvious demonstration that a person doesn’t need to have their own cooking show to live their life on full whack.


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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