Always Lead With Your Power Moves


What is the criteria for success?  Quality Results.

Efficacy is determined by the quality of the results achieved.

If you “believe” you are doing good, it is possible that you may be deluding yourself.  It is important to ask those with whom you work for their opinion.  Listen and accept their feedback.

How do you achieve quality results? 

Many times, we cannot assess our own results any more than we can be our own manuscript editor.  We need others to show us to ourselves.  We must learn to pay attention.

This is demonstrating to others that you value their time and opinion by offering them your undivided attention.

You may discover that your ego is leading the way.  How do you know if this is actually the truth?

  • You listen to the positive with a smile but zero in on the negative. 
  • Your first reaction is to balk when you hear something you don’t like.  It makes you feel defensive.  Consider your gut reaction.  When you react in a defensive manner, you feel power leaking out through your gut.
  • You automatically begin listening for an opening to interject and defend yourself.
  • You become super sensitive to any inference of wrongdoing from the person giving the feedback.
  • When you find an opening (when the person grows silent or asks you a question) you take that opportunity to react in defense by attacking them.

A candle lighting another candle does not take away from the first candle.  It simply serves to make the whole room brighter.

If you have to convince others that you are a winner, you’ve already lost.  When you react in anger and attack to defend, you’ve already lost.  When you seek to manipulate to get your way, you’ve already lost.

Results don’t lie.

If your results are anything less than optimum – if the whole room isn’t brighter because of your efforts…you have work to do.

A true leader is a person who serves with the best interests of those they serve in mind.  Not half the time, but all the time. 

They are always prepared to listen. They understand that the best use of their time is to take their time.  They think twice and speak once.  They understand that offering a quality response will provide the best chance of receiving quality results.

Compassionate leadership matters the most in challenging situations and/or with challenging people.

Your challenge?  Don’t let it (or them) make you hateful.  That is not in their control.  It is in your to be hateful, but it is also in you to control this reaction.  When you let someone or something change the way you view a situation, when it makes you bitter and resentful, the leader has become the led.  You gave them way too much power…and you are theirs to command. 

No good can come of it, because the situation (or relationship) wasn’t founded on good.  It was founded on conflict and you followed the path of conflict to its inevitable conclusion.  You had the chance, but you didn’t rise above it.

Your task?  Keep your eyes on the prize.  Clarity is vital.  Through thoughtful inquiry, clarify why you do what you do and craft how you will express it.  Become exceptionally clear on your Whys and on your personal motivation.  Then respond from a power position, utilizing a Power Move.


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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