Zen Sunset Sanctuary

Your tribe determines your vibe.  You’ve probably heard that one before. 

But does your vibe determine your tribe? 

When you read that question what is the first thing you thought?  Did you think about your tribe, or what you contribute to someone else’s tribe?

Consider this – whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not…you are part of someone’s tribe. 

You are contributing to the generation or the degeneration of someone else simply by what you share.

Look around you.  What is the sensory experience in which you are immersed?  What are your senses registering?  Sensory perception is a result of physical information registering through what we understand as our common senses. 

Does the environment in which you find yourself inspire you?  Incite you to action?  Does it invite you to stay because it is so enjoyable?

If not, why not?  If you don’t like it, why don’t you move?

Unless you are under some kind of (non-pandemic) physical confinement, you have the ability to move.  That, as I see it, is a fact of life.  And even if you are experiencing physical limitations there are things you can do to create space wherever you are, so you can truly find yourself.

Creating that space – the physical aspect of living in the gap between stimulus and response, as Viktor Frankl describes it – is a matter of choice…and only you can make it happen.

As a creativity coach, I think of this as an aspect of a comprehensive Self-Care Plan.  You will be creating your own “soft place to fall.” 

Zen Sunset Sanctuary

My creative space is painted a soft orange…like one of the colors in a beautiful sunset as it plays off a sun-warmed Caribbean villa…in my mind I’m sitting on a spectacular marble patio beside an infinity pool…a few steps away the waves are softly singing to me…and I am sipping something wonderful.  Thoughts come…thoughts go…they flow…just like the changing colors in the magnificent sunset I see before me.  This is my Zen.  It is Something Colored Beautiful. 

Master teacher Bob Proctor says that everything is created twice – first in thought form and then in physical form.

I created it in living color in my mind and recreated it in my life as my Sanctuary.

I invite you to use your imagination.  Create your own version of Sanctuary.  Let your eyes become familiar with the Something Colored Beautiful scene that you create today.

When our inner sanctuary is reflective of our outer sanctuary, you can rest…assured that all is in alignment. 


Natural elements (wind, water, fire, and earth) can be drawn into your physical environment.

Wind, in the form of fresh air and breathing space.  Wind chimes work very well.  Put them beside your desk or an open window.  This will also introduce the metal element into your Sanctuary.

Water, in the form of a fountain or aquarium (if you use an aquarium please do your research on how to keep it clean and your fish and plants aerated and healthy.  If you do not it will be an energetic torture chamber for the poor fish and will not contribute to your wellbeing).

Fire, in the form of a candle or burning incense.  In Feng Shui, this can also be represented by the color red, or by a space that is well-lit.  If you have breathing difficulties you can find something that represents fire in a healthy way, like a vented gas fireplace or some form of fire that does not give off fumes or smoke, like a torchiere style lamp.

Earth, green growing things in the form of a live plant, or a photo of beautiful, lush colorful plants.  Again, if you neglect a live plant it will not contribute to the energy of wellbeing in your Sanctuary. 

Wood, as in a natural wood focus wall, an interesting natural wood carving, a beautiful wooden picture frame, or a grapevine wreath, twigs, or walking stick you found in the forest.

I suggest looking up Feng Shui Elements for further inspiration.

It is vital to keep your Sanctuary clean.  Consider a build up of clutter, dust, and animal-hair tumbleweeds to be contributing to the negative energy of your space.

Keeping your area clean is common sense.  A clean, ordered space as healthy and  elegantly simple to maintain.

A Feast for the Senses…

You do not have to be wealthy to make your space a place of sensory delight.  Many of the elements described above can be found in nature or purchased at a Yard Sale or in a second-hand website or store. 

Keeping your area clean doesn’t take any funds at all.  It is simply a matter of intention and attention.

Consider sensory delights for your:

Sight – let your eyes fall on beauty in the form of inspiring colors, peaceful symbols and art.

Hearing – bring in pleasing sounds, like a fountain or music that inspires flow and calmness.

Taste – drink fresh water, nourishing teas, or other healthy drinks.

Touch – tactile, soft, and pleasing fabrics that calm the physical being and make you want to snuggle.  For example – A weighted blanket can be great for calming the “fight or flight” reaction and has been proven to offer you comfort.  If you are not allergic and can afford it, I highly recommend a pet as an essential element to any best life and any Sanctuary.  I have 6 rescued dogs and cats that I can give love to at any time.  It feels deeply comforting to pet their soft coats.  And they love it! Both my critters and I benefit from this tactile experience!

Scent – this can be as simple as opening a window and bringing in fresh air, but consider using scented candle or incense, or a good quality essential oil to bathe your space in aromatherapy.

Create welcome…

Surround yourself with symbols of peace and what you would consider your instruments of esteem…those items that hold value for you.  These could be items like:

A musical instrument

Certificates of achievement

Inspiring quotes

Photographs of loved ones

Photos of adventures and trips you’ve taken

A vision board

Inspiring books

Lovely stationery and pens (a personal fav)

Notebooks ready to be filled with positive thoughts

Any item you value for inspiring reasons – that reminds you of your potential and personal worthiness


This is where you step into the world of possibilities through the hallowed halls of imagination.

This is the space where you will invite your personal creativity to flow.  Where you will converse with your Constant Traveler.  Where you will refine and define your personal vibe.

When you are caught in a beautiful thought…my friend, you are beauty personified.

A new year. A new world! Where will your dreams take you next?


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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