Your Personal Hour of Power

I am an author, Creativity Coach, and a mentor and leader with Toastmasters. I have created a coaching program called Power Moves that applies to every aspect of the coaching collaboration.

How much time should you consider scheduling for personal development? I dedicate the first hour of my day to reading, writing, and contemplation. I call it my personal Hour of Power.

You can utilize your personal Hour of Power at any time of the day. However, here are some of the benefits of a morning meeting:

  •  You are reasonably rested.
  • You have a fresh, new day ahead of you – you can clearly see the day ahead of you, and can reasonably assume that this day will be yours to live.
  • If you are going to be optimistic you will most likely be optimistic in the morning.
  • You can map your day’s trajectory.
  • The 5P’s – proper planning prevents poor performance. Create a vision, make a plan, and execute the plan.
    • Set an excellent intention, attitude, and approach to an event ahead of time.
    • Fore-give – give your day the benefit of your anticipation and appreciation, your best effort, and the benefit of your doubt.  Why?  Because it could be EPIC!
  • Consider the two sides to doubt:

Side 1:  Doubt as a negative.  This is when you generally mistrust others and don’t believe them, or yourself.  This is when you agree when people say, you are too old, too unfit, or perhaps don’t have the resources to achieve your goals.  You doubt your ability to figure things out.  You doubt that there is a better way, so you continue with what you know.

Side 2:  Doubt as a positive.  This is when you doubt it when people say, you are too old, too unfit, or perhaps don’t have the resources to achieve your goals.  You are a marvelously creative human being!  Creativity is being open to possibilities.  You are willing to open your mind.  If you must be willing to doubt your conclusions (and examine and revise them when necessary).  If you do not, you will never know what treasures await you.  You will never realize the benefit of the doubt.

One suggests “same old, same old.  The other suggests that Something Colored Beautiful will show up “the best is yet to come.”  The difference between the two must be lived.

Ask yourself which one feels best?

I consider BEST to be a privilege – for me to give and for me to receive.  Offering your best is a privilege denied BY many. 

The Power Moves program consists of 3 elements:

  1. Just Say OKAY. (I’ll do it!)
  2. Break Those Barriers. (Face your fears one step at a time)
  3. Reach Out. (Connect with others on every level you can imagine)

I begin each morning by anticipating the Something Colored Beautiful moments with which to decorate my day. I invest at least one hour (if not more, depending on my schedule). This hour is part of my personal empowerment plan. It is also what I share with others. I crafted this practice to begin with the question:

Who will have the privilege of receiving my best today?

This line of inquiry naturally leads me to contemplate (in writing) what “my best” looks like. Have a notebook and pen handy. There is magic in the act of actually writing your thoughts on paper.

Contemplative Writing differs from journaling in that you apply a heaping helping of honor and compassion…and elegance to everything you write. This is the mindset of the part of you I call your Constant Traveler – the most honorable, compassionate, and elegant part of you that you can imagine at this point in time. He or she is always with you. In this space, where no self-bashing may enter, you will give that part of you a voice.

You may discover, as I did, that there is wisdom within you that you may not have accessed before.

Always Lead With Your Power Moves!

Power Move # 1: Just Say Okay

Who or what is my priority today? With the ultimate version of me in mind, what do I need to say OKAY, I’ll do it, to today?

Power Move #2: Break Those Barriers

What is one small step that I can achieve today that will make me 1% Better? You don’t have to tackle every fear today – just take one small step that takes you closer to the ultimate version of you, and makes you feel good about yourself.

Power Move # 3: Reach out

This is an exercise in connection, in autonomy, and in compassion.

What do I need to ask for, and claim as mine, today? Who needs me at my best today? Others show us to ourselves. It is vital to connect with others. Allow them the privilege of your most honorable, compassionate, elegant self today. This is the ultimate version of you that you will craft in your Hour of Power each morning.

Personal empowerment builds on itself. Like the certificate above illustrates, it is the award and reward that you give to yourself.

It’s way more powerful to generate your own energy than to wait for someone to energize you.

Let your morning ritual include an Hour of Power. You may have to get up earlier to include it. Find inspiration by reading or listening to uplifting books that are designed for personal development, by watching videos that fill your mind with the good stuff, and by answering the three questions outlined above.

This is how you create the vision for your very best day, which builds into your very best week…and ultimately your very best life.

How will you know if it is working? By how it makes you feel.

Always Lead With Your Power Moves!

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Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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