Reach Out And Touch Faith


I had become a self-made woman.

I made and remade myself again and again in my own image, and, having done so, I lost touch with





the essence that keeps my heart beating and fires my mind into communion with ecstasy.

I have admitted with deep chagrin and the desperation of the one who wakes up bereft,

that I have been complicit in something so heinous that if its words were ever to fall from my lips…

I will be rendered null.

I cast myself into the vastness of the void, and, having done so,

Committed The Ultimate Betrayal...the betrayal of myself.

Reach out and touch faith…

Depeche Mode shares an invitation to reach out and touch the faith that moves mountains and frees nations for ourselves.  As creative entities, these artists understand how it works.

Faith urges us to not only sing and sway to someone else’s tune, mouthing their words as if they are our own because we believe they are more worthy than our meager offerings…but to become inspired to create our own melodies.  To reach out and touch the essence of our own spiritual nature – to feel that movement that begins as a softly rising swell in the heart of every man and woman and moves through us on feral night winds to reach the destination satisfaction of the prodigal one inspired to return home…to herself.  To himself.

Entry into these sacred halls is gained by your willingness to move…to embrace a primal faith that ignites a force beyond genetics, beyond note and chord and discord.  Beyond silence.

To reach out and touch what is the nature of your nature…the creative force of the Universe.  It is yours to claim…

Be your own hero…

When you drop the tension created by doctrine and dogma of a world bent on its own destruction and set off into unknown territory, this can become the ultimate Quest.  It is vital that you explore this area and do not leave it up to chance.  That is…if you truly wish to reach any semblance of destination satisfaction.

Truly, you cannot make yourself.  Inspired art, you were born complete.

How does primal self-faithfulness manifest? 

A life, by definition, cannot be described by what it is not.  Turning away cannot define what you are turning toward.  This is your time to choose if the deconstruction is to be resolved through construction or chaos.

Have you:

A willingness to be led by Inspiration?

Trust in your personal resourcefulness?

Faith in your mission?

Faith in your elemental Why?

Faith in your loves?

Faith to your family, your community, your country?

Faith in the human spirit?

The above video invites us to explore what is at the core of our essential nature.  Who is our Personal Jesus?

To whom, or what, have you offered your allegiance?  Is it friend or foe?

Consider the audience in this video.  Has the band…the music…the lyrics that roll off someone else’s tongue…become IT?


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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