Precipice Dancing

Some smooth leather badass…
A feral little angel.
Never ever black or white.
She’s an old school rebel.

A touch of class, a taste of trash…
always walkin’ that line.
An old school rebel
pushes it every time.

Givin’ it what she’s got, livin’ for the fantasy
When you livin’ large it’s always now or never…

Bring the Badass to life…

What does being badass mean to you?

Are you willing to embrace that side of yourself?  Are you afraid to even acknowledge that side of yourself?

Bringing the old school rebellious badass part of us to life is what I call Precipice Dancing.  It is dancing as close to the edge as humanly possible without succumbing to gravity.  We are fearless – working at getting closer and closer to the edge…fearing it less and less…to the point that if we do succumb, we will have given it all we’ve got in the process…

In his book, Relentless, Tim S. Grover writes about embracing your dark side.  Like Carl Jung taught, and so many philosophical schools teach, we have a dark side as well as a light side to our personality.

Play nice.  Be a good boy.  Nice girls don’t do that.  Wait your turn.  You’re so dramatic.  Don’t be so foolish…

Does it ever seem to you that we praise and appreciate the loser who quietly backs down more than we do the winner who celebrates his or her victory?  I believe this is where quiet pride and fierce celebration gets confused with the humble brag and in-your-face-sucker triumph.  Many times, it is we who cannot parse the data – we look at a winner and envy them with our contempt.  We look at a loser and commiserate with our contempt.  What is the common element?

Competition is a natural part of our personal development, otherwise, we will never grow into our potential.  Those dedicated to continuous improvement and personal growth know this.  There are two ways to learn anything – through wisdom or through pain.  Sometimes we have an obvious choice.   Sometimes we don’t see the choice.

We make the choice to step into the ring.  However, in life, the wise ones compete only with themselves.  I understand that it is not a competition with him or her or them…or with you.  It is with me.  How much do I want the end result?

Elegance in victory, as well as in defeat, is commendable.  However, when growth is the ultimate result of competition, there are no losers.  When you are determined to find the gem inside the lump of coal, you win.  Every time.

Everything is sacred ground or nothing is sacred ground.  You decide.

Precipice Dancing is badass.  Self-coaching is badass.  Success is badass.

Competition is badass.  In this competition, I choose what it means.

Rock Your Wise.  Make choosing badass.

How close to the edge can you dance?

The tender side of anarchy,
she’s never gonna settle.
Turn the tides of history,
just like an old school rebel.

Givin’ it what she’s got, livin’ for the fantasy
When you livin’ large it’s always now or never…

Not the queen of someone’s dreams.
No instrument of pleasure.
She’s a woman born to terrorize,
she’s an old school rebel.

Givin’ it what she’s got, livin’ for the fantasy
When you livin’ large it’s always now or never…





Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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