Give ‘er and Live ‘er – Chats with my Constant Traveller

“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only
to be understood. Now is the time
to understand more, so that
we may fear less.”

This quote from Nobel Laureate Marie Curie defines what it means to be fearless. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize (Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911).

Madame Curie exemplified the creative, adventurous mind.  She was willing to blast out of her comfort zone and boldly go where no Marie Curie (and no woman) had gone before. The key to her success was curiosity.  Which is, as a matter of fact, a quality of human nature.

In this way, Marie Curie was no different than you or I.  She created a vision and worked towards it with determination.  That she has become a stellar example for every human being, regardless of gender or circumstance, is a testament to her application of what I call the 4 F’s of Effective Action – fearless faith, focus, and fortitude:

  • Fearless—because when you practice doing something you fear, you begin to fear it less and less. This is the genesis of confidence.
  • Faith—that the wellspring of inspiration is open to all, always and in all ways. It is through inspiration that you create the vision of your best life.
  • Focus—the result of inspiration that sustains your intention and attention as you advance with confidence towards the vision of your best life.
  • Fortitude—as, expressing the spirit of a Michelangelo, you keep your eyes on the prize, chipping away at the block of stone, gradually revealing the work of art underneath—the work of art that is your life.

It does not mean having no fear – it means acting in the face of fear and doing it anyway. I have found, through personal experience, that when you do something you fear you begin to fear it less and less. As it turns out, our fear of the unknown is the greatest obstacle to a best life. Our tendency to back down and “hole up” in the face of an emotional or physical challenge is how we choose comfort over personal growth.

Comfort is the enemy of success and real, lasting happiness.  Those who have enemies will always find them.

I define faith in two parts – trust in the wellspring of inspiration; and friendship with our Constant Traveller.  Inspiration is not only the domain of those we define as artists, but it is also the birthright of every human being who woke up today on this side of the grass.  In this manner, we are all artists, as we express our personal artistry through every day living.  Your Constant Traveller is the voice of your true Self, the person you came to life to be…the person who is waiting to embrace you, once you release the luggage you have agreed to “lug” along the way.

It takes courage to boldly go where no you has gone before and to examine the values, beliefs, and assumptions with which you negotiate the world.  We will be traveling in the domain of heroes and warriors.  However, the more you do so, the more curious you become.  The more curious you become, the more fearless you become because, through practice, the unknown is becoming known.

This exploration takes focus and fortitude, the fruits of inspired action, that keep your eyes on the prize and sustains your energy and attention as you proceed in the direction of your goal.  This is how, as Henry David Thoreau, states, you advance confidently in the direction of your dreams.

You will find that you are stepping into your own…reuniting with the person you came to life to become.  That person is your true Self, your Constant Traveller.

One of the primary gifts of being human, those I call 1st Nature gifts, is our ability to connect the dots. When we connect the dots and equate our comfort zone with our fear of the unknown, we have made real progress towards our best life.

In my part of the world, when we want to encourage someone we say, Give ‘er!, meaning give it your best shot!!

This is your time.  This is your opportunity.

Give ‘er! and Live ‘er!



Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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