I Believe In Angels

Do you believe that angels want you to succeed?  Archangels and Guardian angels…otherworldly beings who spend their time guiding and coaching us?

Some say this is true beyond a shadow of a doubt. As for me, I don’t know. Those types may very well be on our side and if this is really important to you then it is my most sincere wish that you feel their support with every fibre of your being…

This is what I know for sure…I believe in earth angels.

I have seen them, talked to them, touched them…felt their spirit.  And I am grateful for their presence…

I am talking about the honest-to-goodness angels with physical bodies, open minds and hearts…those who do the hands-on dirty work…and slog through the mire right beside us.

Blood and guts angels who willingly lend a hand when you need to feel one in yours.

These worldly beings show up and spend time. They offer you choices and a map to the path on which you are trekking.  They show you where to find the solid ground.

I deeply believe in the elegant fleshed-out version of angels who keep you company, lend an ear…whisper encouragement…wipe your tears, and perhaps, at some point, even wipe your behind, because you’re too sick or too old to do it yourself.

Ones adept at helping you mend a broken heart because theirs has been broken, too, and they remember…

I have since discovered that in the right light we can also catch a shimmer of insight…behold a glimpse of these rare beings…in the eyes of those we consider our pets.

Look carefully and you will see that earth angels show up in a kaleidoscope of disguises – but never in masquerade.  Always in service.

Earth angels show you to yourself through their eyes.

Behold your mirror.  Be one to see one.


Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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