artesian well 1

Writing to me is a sacred act.  It is where I commune with the Infinite.


I delight in the channel that has taken me decades to figure out how to open.  The key was living beyond the fear of pain – and that was hard won.


I believe this is as close as I come to touching my Divinity and why I have come to value what I do as sacred – it allows me to once again enter that space where pain does not exist – an alternate universe where artists since the beginning of time have gone for retreat, refreshment and solace.


It is a wellspring of peace . . . this place where I truly live.


I must share it.  Otherwise I cannot stay.



Published by Paula D. Tozer

I am a writer, poet and singer/songwriter. I am a Toastmaster, motivational speaker, personal creativity coach, and workshop leader. My most sincere wish is to share my words with others, and that we both benefit from the exchange.

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